Posted by: Miss PEPSI | June 15, 2005

The Day of Explosions (part I)

<<< June 14, 2005 NEWS >>>

For ppl who don’t know me, I go to Emily Carr (a FAMOUS art school on Granville Island by Downtown Vancouver).. I’m taking English and History courses this summer~

Today i had history class.. got off around 4:30 and left school with Carol and Bob.. There was a beautiful beautiful lake at the entrance of Granville Island that we must walked by to get to the bus stop..  The lake was on the right side of the path way (that we walked on) and an apartment on the left…  Before we reached that apartment area, we saw some teenagers (guys) on the 6th floor balcony throwing bunch of water balloons down to whoever walk pass by it…  We stopped right away and saw some ppl got blast and splash with those water balloons..  We were nervous and worried coz we didn’t wanna get hit by those balloons.. but we had to walked down there.. So we headed to the "targeting area"… and phhhheeeeeeeeeeeeewwww.. BLAST..  I got hit on my left shoulder…and heard a sound of victory from that balcony…  I stopped and turned to them and stared at those guys up there..  There was like a huge volcano within me that almost explode….  Then they continued throwing down those balloons at us and other people who walked by us..  I saw my classmate Amy walking toward us and not knowing what was going on… i told her to stop coz i didn’t want her make up and nice hair do and pretty cloth to get all wet…   As i reached out my cell phone (to call police)… phheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwww… SPLASH..  I got hit again right on my back and my backpack…..  THAT WAS IT! I WAS SOOOOOOOOOOO PISSED!!!!! I WANTED TO CLIMB UP THERE AND KILL THEM ALLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROAR!!!!!!

They kinda stopped when a guy saw me standing there with left hand holding a cell phone attched my left ear and my right hand counting the floor of his apartment. I was trying to find the entrance of that apartment or backdoor or anything so i could DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! I didn’t wanna walk away or run around like other people coz i hate those kind of ppl. Wut if someone was going to have a job interview? or some important meeting.. and they threw waterballoons at him/her and got his/her hair and cloth all mess up and wet!? HUH!? Or if we were holding some paper that needed to be hand in but got all wet because of them!? HUH!? HUUUUUUHHHHHH!!!!!!!?  

I was so mad that i could totally climb those windows up there if i had to!!! Bob was grabbing my arm and pulling me back and trying to get me to leave that place. Carol was telling me to go, too. If i wasn’t gonna meet Russ later, i would totally stay there and told them to leave without me. I would find my way in and kick those guys’ ass! oh wait.. maybe not.. BUT!!! I would find a way and GET BACK AT THEM!!!!! That’s for sure!!! ROAR!!!!! (i’ll take a photo of that apartment next time and show u guys which building it was!)

ANY SUGGESTION!? Wut i should do? or wut i should’ve done? 



  1. later i found out.. ALL MY STUFF in my backpack (my notebook, my mid-term paper, hand-out, wallet, study notes, etc) were allllllllll WET!!!! was about to cry… but i was in the public gotta suck it in…no more watery eyes..wut\’s left…is anger…

  2. you should\’ve call the police or hitman to kill those guys

  3. Ha ha ha ha~ yer right!for the hitman.. I think i know exactly who and where i should go to 😛

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