Posted by: Miss PEPSI | September 7, 2005

“Hear No Evil? See No Evil? Speak No Evil?”

Alright.. For the ppl who live in the Greater Vancouver area, u’ve probably already seen these ads somewhere~ I’ve seen them quite often but never paid attention to the small text until today. How disappointing… I thought it was a movement or an encouragement of telling ppl to hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil.. In other words, no more bad/dirty/unpleasant words and images!!! A movement of cleansing ourself and our society and to build a better, healthier living environment/surroundings for our future generations! But no!  Sigh… I guess my hope was waaaaay too high~

However.. the purpose of writing about this isn’t about me getting disappointed from the ads but to show HOW STUPID the way those ads were designed~ Who’s the designer???? The fighting aids campaign is fine but the! Can somebody help me out here? coz those ads just don’t make any sense!! The pictures/images and the text/words themselves.. AND wut does the "title" have anything to do with the message of this campaign?? Everything about it doesn’t make sense to me!

The ad above, for instance, is to tell ppl to SPREAD THE WORD, not the disease.. but Elijah Wood’s mouth is being duct taped… It’s like Elijah Wood is showing people that he’s NOT gonna spread the word!! Wut about the ad below? When truth spreads.. she’s not listening? Yeah.. let’s all do that… covering our mouths, eyes and ears~ They’re the "role models" for this campaign~ We should all do the same~ NOT spreading the word, NOT listening to the truth/message and NOT seeing/looking the…uh.. something..~ U got the idea~

By the way, does "SPEAK NO EVIL?" with Elijah Wood’s face look like "Wut? I can’t speak evil anymore?????"  ANNNNNNNND why is there a question mark after Hear No Evil, See No Evil and Speak No Evil !? I don’t get it!!! Are they being questioned? Coz it’s not "HEAR NO EVIL!!" or "SEE NO EVIL!" It’s like "speak no evil?? no way!!!"


  1. I totally agree. I\’ve seen those ads here also (Sudbury, Ontario) and they make no sense.I like your idea much better about a better society…we do need that!

  2. The way I read them:AIDS is the "evil." People often consciously choose to ignore things they find foreign, hostile, and evil. So they choose to not speak up, to not listen, to not see. Hence, Speak No Evil? No way!!! Let\’s speak up and spread the freakin\’ word, no matter how ugly it is, and make people face the TRUTH.So it make total sense to me. But I\’m a cynical and callous person who thinks that the world has too much bullshit in it, so what do I know.

  3. yeah FishGirlCC, that make sense a little now.. oh wait.. but why did the photographer duct typed his mouth??? @_@a

  4. Hey folks,I believe it\’s how you interpret the title since it\’s not a statement at all but rather a question to you. Meaning are you "SPEAK[ing] NO EVIL?" or "HEAR[ing] NO EVIL?". Obviously the advertising group should of been more clear in their approach rather than confusing the whole ad. Rather than questions to you, they should of had it more direct as a STATEMENT with no question marks. Such as it\’s okay to speak and hear the bad word AIDS. So I agree with your idea but I also understand the intended purpose of the QUESTION (not STATEMENT).-Phen.

  5. 我覺得這裡的廣告很多都沒什麼sense…e.g. 一群狗跟電話有什麼關係? 為什麼拖地的時候要像殭屍跳舞? 中文台更不用說了…跳舞跟手機有關聯嗎? 為什麼要找一個胖胖男來拍美容院的廣告? 還是台灣滴廣告好看…

  6. 你照片好炫喔qq

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