Posted by: Miss PEPSI | December 5, 2005

e-mail from a friend

"Tears are now streaming down my face, for a young man by the name of Lee Matasi. He was the one that started Leeside under Hastings St.

First Rachel Davis and now our beloved brother Lee. What the fu*k is going on!!!!! Once again, gunned the fu*k down outside a fu*king night club by some sh*t head with a handgun.

I’m gonna lose my fu*king mind one of these days.

I just found out not more than 10 minutes ago, so I can’t tell you any more details. The news story is here:

(see the previous blog under this one)

This was an amazing, out of the ordinary man, an artist and a skater for life. God damn it, he was always trying to improve the life and vibe of Vancouver and especially for its skateboarders. Now he lays dead because of Vancouver’s fu*ked up bullsh*t.

I can’t take this sh*t any more, and neither should any one of you.

Put a stop to Violence any way you can. This can’t keep happening!!!!!!!!!!!

Lee, I always loved you man, just wish I could of said it to you. So I’m saying it now in hopes that you still can hear me somehow. We named Leeside after you bro, but even then we didn’t give you enough credit. You were a fu*king awesome dude. You definitely didn’t deserve what just happened to you.

I knew you since we were about 14 or 15 and you were 11 or 12. You were however cool enough to hang with us and event got a part in Jason Sandovers first video. We named you "Little Lee", a nick name that remained all the way until now. It was funny because you eventually grew taller than all of us.

Your death cuts me deep inside. I’ll never get over it. I’m really fu*ked up from this news. But I’ll keep fighting like I have been, only harder now. Those of whom knew you (they’re in the hundreds), should honor you by doing the same. We need to continue the kind of work you did for Vancouver, since you’re now unable to yourself.

Lee, why you buddy, why YOU!

I really don’t want to have to type another "RIP" for yet another skater, so please, all of you, stay safe in Van. The gangs and the random violence is out of control. And for what? Think of something else to do besides hit the over-rated clubs all the time. And for God sakes give up on the Bourbon already, that’s the next death trap bar in Van. It’s always filled with losers out for a brawl. Start your very own bar finally and keep the sh*t heads OUT!!

Much love, and god damn this sh*t has got to stop."

-Vaughan Neville

(Vaughan is a skater who’s from Vancouver and now living in Taiwan and trying to build a solid and BETTER foundation of skateboarding)



  1. Sorry to hear this horrible news. I wonder what the real motive was behind this killing.

  2. aww thats horrible. i feel so bad

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