Posted by: Miss PEPSI | February 21, 2010

I’m not stubborn, I just know that i’m right

some guys think that i’m stubborn

but that is because they don’t know me well enough

I’m the most easy-going person you could find

to the point that I might even make many ppl think i have no opinion at all

I’m easy to be convinced but that is because I don’t mind

I can even sacrifice my own will/feeling/wants/needs and just go with wutever other ppl want

but when there are times I do not change my mind

then you should know that there must be a good reason behind them

and that I will be right about those decisions as well

Time after time

it’s been proven again and again

I was right about all my ‘stubborn’ decisions/thoughts

wut about this time?

I believe it’s a suicide to fall for someone who is still that close with the ex

especially that ex got no boundary and show u no respect

and wut’s even worse?

that someone u fall for doesn’t know the boundary either

and still thinks the ex is a good person


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