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Grandma passed away 2 days after mom and I arrived in Tainan on the 15th of June, 2009.
Been here almost 2 weeks and I felt like I’ve attended 2-week-long Intensive Social Studies. I’ve learned so much from the people around me, including the people at the hospital, the people from the…uh… "葬儀社"…  and all the relatives of my mom’s and my dad’s side. Not only that, I’ve also seen a different side of my aunt.. how weak and helpless she is… the part of her that I’ve never known..
Dear God,
Thank you for giving me a loving grandma. A mother who gave all herself to her children and grand children. A woman who gave away all her energy, strength, time and her life in exchange of a better life for her love ones. May your peace and your hands be upon her children and help them see that You are with them. May your love fill within them and let them know that they are not alone. Thank you for bringing mom’s siblings together. Thank you for breaking the ice between mom and her bro. Thank you for softening her bro’s heart toward grandma. Thank you for being with us during all of our conversation/discussion.  I also thank you for this chance of being here to witness all these~  Please look after this coming Saturday, may You give us a suitable weather. May You be with everyone of us and give us strength and clear mind to know what to do. May You watch over everyone who is making their way to the event. Please give me courage to stand in front of people to speak. May this Saturay’s event shows all the people there that You are our God, our loving, wonderful God.   

Good bye grandma 🙂 We will always remember you~

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你現在想著誰? 測驗,
他/她的味道總在四周遊蕩…想念得好像溶進血液裡… 好吧,請由今天在月曆上寫下︰『放開別人,放開自己』 別讓眼淚白流。好好愛自己,別人才懂愛你。

你的爱情,通常是怎么开始的呢? 測驗,

人群中的你总是超闪亮的,也许你不是最美,身材最好的,但你就是很容易成为大家的焦点。对于爱情,你说感觉对了就好,外表不重要,大家听了都忍不住大喊 “天啊,你的另一半明明就是才华洋溢的帅哥嘛~” 不管是朋友介绍或是工作认识,闪亮亮的你不自觉就会和闪亮亮的他在一起。
你有讓人喜歡你的特質嗎? 測驗,
結果是 討人喜歡度75%~~ 你是半個甜心型


What does your birthday say about you? quiz
and the result is Feb.
Abstract thoughts. Loves reality and abstract. Intelligent and clever. Changing personality. Attractive. Sexy. Temperamental. Quiet, shy and humble. Honest and loyal. Determined to reach goals. Loves freedom. Rebellious when restricted. Loves aggressiveness. Too sensitive and easily hurt. Gets angry really easily but does not show it. Dislike unnecessary things. Loves making friends but rarely shows it. Daring and stubborn. Ambitious. Realizing dreams and hopes. Sharp. Loves entertainment and leisure. Romantic on the inside not outside. Superstitious and ludicrous. Spendthrift. Tries to learn to show emotions.
What is your true age? quiz
and the result is 21-30
You are in your prime. Young enough to act stupid, but old enough to have a mature conversation with your peers. You are able to look back on your life and accept that you have changed for the better. When you think about the future you wonder how your family will change. Get out there and live it up!
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.. ( -__-)

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Project 4: InDesign project-12 page publication

Wuzup people~

My first ever publication is here~ Click the link below to take a look~


If you can’t open that file with your browser, try the following links:

cover-for-web1 and content-for-web2
^_^ Thx for visiting

Have a great rest of the summer, everyone 🙂

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i’m back
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Project 3 – real location

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Project 3 – poster

(click here for the poster without text)

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Project 3 – logo

(the first one is what my logo suppose to look like. the second one is my logo as gif file… not sure why the background is black though)

This is the logo i came up with for my project 3~ It’s based on my previous post which was my thinking process~ Be sure to check that post if u haven’t read it 🙂 Click HERE or just scroll down to the post below~

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Project 3

For this project, i’m asked to create a poster using only colour, line, shape and text to communicate an issue that i feel strongly about….. (hmm.. so it’s probably environmental issues…” ) The goal is to inspire the audience to take positive action for change… (ok.. definitely environmental issues.. but.. so many topics @_@ …. it could be about… animals, nature, pollution, plastic, water.. etc.” )

It’s too bad we are not allowed to use photo images cuz I think it would’ve been more effective. As a heavily visually oriented person, I prefer images over text.. I dislike posters with lots of words.. but if i wanna address issues such as.. bottled water, for example, I find it hard to communicate with the viewers with just a few simple words.. especially if explanation is strongly needed in order for people to understand why.

Perhaps what i should do is simplify my idea/message.. There are lots to talk about if i wanna address the problems with bottled water”.. I think I’ll shift my direction a bit and just focused on WATER.

I can still remember how ridiculous I thought it was when I saw people selling bottled water… because WATER SHOULD BE FREE MAN!! That was only 5-7 years ago. I bet people from 20+ years ago would probably think that was the craziest/silliest idea ever. (Aside from that.. water shouldn’t be owned by anyone anyway.) It all comes down to this: FREE = NO VALUE!! We might not think this way (cuz it’s not true).. but many of us seem to act this way. “Oh well, it’s free anyway, doesn’t matter~” Sound familiar? People treasure their stuff according to its value and the value is based on $$$ most of the time. When something is cheap at cost, people value it less. Not only that, they tend to waste it as well. Imagine when something is free… ???

Nowadays, people buy bottled water because we no longer have pure/non-polluted water… The water that used to be free and plenty… We should be grateful that we don’t have to pay for the tap water… YET!

PLEASE…… TURN OFF THE TAP when you’re not using the water.
PLEASE…… TURN OFF THE TAP when brushing your teeth.
PLEASE…… TURN OFF THE TAP when you’re shaving.
PLEASE…… TURN OFF THE TAP while you lather.
PLEASE…… TURN OFF THE TAP if you see someone forgot to turn it off
PLEASE…… TURN OFF THE TAP if you see it’s not completely off

and PLEASE….. Don’t let the water run just cuz it’s free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or it won’t be free no more!! and we will be charged for every drop of tap water we use… Don’t waste it just because it’s free. Water is a VERY VALUABLE resource. It’s definitely more than the value that money could measure. Don’t make our government put a price on it so that we would stop wasting it.

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